Innovation with Blockchain Technology

We deliver advanced technology solutions to help our global clients meet their business requirements.

Best-in-class Application Development

Our illustrious team of mobile app (iOS/android) & web developers, analysts and designers aims to develop on-time, on-target apps for your benefit.

We build the best solution for your business

Where innovation consorts with quality, our team of Blockchain experts is here to create apps that align with your business needs.

Innovation with Blockchain Technology

We deliver advanced technology solutions to help our global clients meet their business requirements.

We build best solution for your business

Our illustrious team of mobile app (iOS/android) & web developers, analysts and designers aims to develop on-time, on-target apps for your benefit.

Our Services

As an end-to-end software solutions provider, we provide business oriented technology solutions and deliver them effectively. HelloTerse Technologies serve you the best combination of affordability and quality. We fulfill crucial market problems in the vicinity of Blockchain, AI and Data Science & Analytics.

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain is maturing fast and organizations are becoming increasingly aware of how the technology is going to disrupt businesses in the coming years. Bringing in a smart, decentralized, trusted and highly-encrypted data repository, it offers a shared infrastructure that allows you to cash in on emerging business opportunities and explore novel market ecosystems.

Being an early adopter of Blockchain technology, we have gained huge expertise in building high-quality, scalable distributed applications and customized protocols, to date having successfully developed Blockchain projects across various industries

Team HelloTerse is well-versed in Hyperledger Fabric, EOS, Loom, Ethereum - working with big clients on securing their critical digital data using permissioned network.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence refers to the set of techniques that enables the machine to simulate traits of human intelligence including language comprehension, optimization, object/image/sound recognition and the capacity to self learn.

Our AI services include Customer Predictions, Intelligent Recommendations, Fraud Detection, and Intelligent Process Automation.

Team is also experienced in TensorFlow and PyTorch.

Data Science & Analytics

Data is the new oil - Clive Humby

Our team understands the criticality and importance of each piece of data in today's world.

With expertise in Data Science & Analytics, we understand the problems our customers face thereby providing unique solutions that employ various tools and frameworks.

Team is well-versed in Tableau and Python programming language which is used in the fields of Data Analytics. We are also strong in Pandas library of Python for data manipulation and analysis and Matplotlib for plotting the data.

Cloud Computing / DevOps

Our experience and know-how in tackling the business cloud platform have empowered enterprises in terms of cost-savings and agility. In essence, our cloud computing services have helped businesses mitigate risks, improve data protection, backup, and continuous operations and host mission-critical applications.

The technology team has worked and partnered with various cloud platform providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean. HelloTerse has also worked with major clients on their automated scaling needs using Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift.

Web Development

We build innovative web applications that leave an indelible global impression. Be it design, theme, feature or functionality, we aim to deliver client-centric, tailor-made solutions each and every time.

Team is strong in technologies like ReactJS, Angular and PHP.

Mobile App Development

Bringing ideas to life with our intuitive, next-generation, cutting-edge mobile app solutions. After all, life is but a pocket of possibilities, isn't it?

HelloTerse is also experienced in hybrid Android and iOS applications using technologies like Kotlin, Swift, Flutter, IONIC, React Native.

About Us

We provide software solutions for the digital age

HelloTerse Technologies comprises a team of young and dynamic engineers, developers, solution architects, and technology service professionals who are driven and dedicated to serving our clients' needs in delivering quality application development, enterprise solutions, data science-focused services including AI development, IT Infrastructure & cloud services.


Specialists in diverse technology areas including consulting, enterprise business solutions, business intelligence services, application development, maintenance services, database management, infrastructure management services, niche technology areas as well as Blockchain Technology with excellent knowledge of Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Permissioned Network, Solidity, EOS, LOOM, Web3js.  

Our Team

Specialists in diverse technology with full stack engineers & developers

HelloTerse Technologies is a young and dynamic team of IT service professionals aligning with customers' expectations and requirements in Application Development and Technology Integration.

The HelloTerse Core Team

Leslie Wong Account Director
30+ years in Sales and Marketing at Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific, IQmind, Sembawang Media, Westin Hotels & Resorts, DFS Group.
Garphy Chang Project Director
23+ years in IT, Printing and Manufacturing Industries at Hewlett Packard APAC & Taiwan, Agfa-Gevaert Taiwan and KEE Decorative Tech. China.
Khwab Sheth Chief Technology Officer
14+ years experience in software development. Khwab has worked on 100 plus projects in various domains and technologies. His expertise is into Blockchain, AI, Analytics, Web and Mobile applications.
Shubham Joshi Business Development Manager
3+ years of experience in IT. Demonstrated experience of development, analysis and business operations in the vicinity of the website, mobile application and blockchain solutions.
Vijendra Patil Data Science & Analytics Expert
Vijendra has strong knowledge of Backend Technologies and Data Science & Analytics. He leverages his strong technology skills to analyse huge amounts of data using various methodologies.
Kris Leong Administration Manager
25+ years in IT Industry at Hewlett Packard APAC - Commercial System Unit, PC Division, Solution Partner Org.

The HelloTerse Advisory Team

Lorna Bender USA Business Advisor
25+ years in Global Business Development, Sales and Marketing at Hewlett Packard Americas/Asia Pacific, Netscape, PeopleSoft, and
Wong Ching Wen Blockchain BD Advisor
20+ years in financial services, P2P financial protection on blockchain, Contact Sense Asia, ESG Reinsurance, CIGNA International, American Express.
Harish Pillay Technology Advisor
20+ years in Sembawang Media , & Red Hat as Global Head, Community Architecture and Leadership
Jason Lim Chief Technology Advisor
Started his career in Silicon Valley with more than 30 years in CPU design for Sun Microsystems, Motorola and Enterprise Software Development for Netscape and Oracle. Currently, serving as Trustee and blockchain project development for
Chew Ghim Bok Strategic Business Advisor/Investor
35+ years in Software, Tech and VC Investment. Founded & ran ProData Systems and SkyVen Capital. Currently an active Rotarian & Grassroots Community leader.

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